24 hour Police Station

Emergency assistance

In an emergency please call our 24hr police station helpline 07973 727420

If you, a family member or friend is in custody and requires legal assistance NOW please call and we will contact the police immediately.

Representation can be provided free of charge.

We have solicitors on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to provide assistance whenever and wherever required.

Our solicitors and qualified police station representatives attend at local police stations almost every-day and every-night.

Through a network of agents and representatives we can provide competent legal cover at any police station in the country 24 hours a day.

Other services

Attending by appointment/arrangement

If you are asked to attend at a police station either to be interviewed voluntarily, or under arrest it is often quicker and easier to make arrangements in advance and to attend with your legal advisor.

Interviews at home or work

Police will now routinely arrange interviews at a suspect’s home or work address.

Whenever and wherever an interview takes place you are entitled to the same legal protection of having your own solicitor or representative in attendance.

Appropriate adults

If you are attending the police station to assist a youth, child or detainee with relevant difficulties you are entitled to have access to the same ‘free legal assistance’ at the police station.

Witnesses  attending the police station

It is not always obvious in advance whether the police want to speak to a person as a witness or as a potential suspect.

If in any doubt you are entitled to have access to the same ‘free legal assistance’ at the police station.

Interviews at council offices etc

Different legal aid provisions apply when interviews are being conducted without police present.

For advice on how best to deal with the police on any matter please call the office on 01252 344311 or the emergency 24 hour help line 07973 727420 when needed.

24 Hours services

Police Station and Emergency Advice

Our police station helpline

07973 727420