Crown Court Defence

The Partners and Solicitors within the Partnership have extensive experience in defending in the most serious and complex cases in the Crown Court.

The firm has dealt with hundreds of Crown Court cases over the past few years alone.

The firm has cases listed within the local Crown Courts on a daily basis but also represents clients all across the country.

Cases of Note:

Old Bailey / Central Criminal Court
R –v- B
Successful defence of retired Police Officer charged with Murder.

R –v- S
Care Home Manageress charged with neglect.

R –v- B
Successful defended high value POCA application.

Southwark Crown Court
HMRC/ SFO  –v- B
Operation ‘Euripus’
15 Prosecuted in one of the UK’s largest ever VAT “missing trader” frauds and “Proceeds of Crime’ proceedings.

R –v- S
Case 2 & 3 of 5 prosecutions for alleged serial fraudster

R –v-M
High profile prosecution alleging sexually assault.

Isleworth Crown Court
R –v- S
Case 4 of 5 prosecutions for alleged serial fraudster

Birmingham Crown Court
NCA –v- B
Client charged with Firearm importation from ‘The Dark Webb’.

R –v- C
Client charged with Blackmail and Firearms offences.

Winchester Crown Court
R –v- H
American National prosecuted for Murder.

R –v- S
Security chief acquitted following death of male during eviction from local bar.

R –v- l
Misfeasance in public office and sexual allegations
Serving police officer acquitted of serious allegations following re-trial.

R –v- I & H
Large Drug smuggling and Proceeds of Crime at Winchester Crown Court

R –v- X
Case involving Russian Extradition

R –v G
Client acquitted of Drug and Firearm offences.

R –v- C
High profile case involving 32 rapes allegations.

R –v- H &E
Two clients charged with high value class A drug supply.
H  acquitted.
E  avoided immediate custodial sentence.

R –v- P
Client charged with serious Firearms Offences.

R –v- P
Client charged with large scale cannabis importation.

R –v- C
Viagra Importation
Custodial sentence avoided for local man importing 20,000 Viagra tablets.

Guildford Crown Court
R –v- F
Tragic case where client charged with killing his young son.
Client committed suicide whilst on  remand.

R –v- D
Mortgage Fraud – acquittal

DSS–v- X x5
Defended 5 members of one family in one of the UKs largest benefit Fraud prosecutions.

R –v- S
Client acquitted of attempted murder (shooting incident on M25)

R –v- S
Case 1 & 5 of 5 prosecutions for alleged serial fraudster.

R –v- S & J
Clients charged with Conspiracy and Explosive Offences, targeting numerous ‘Cash Machines’, Redbull Racing Trophies and other high value burglaries.

R –v- M
Client cleared of Murder at Guildford Crown Court.

R –v- M
Client arrested with others for Murder, eventually convicted after trial of Affray.

R –v- J
Client convicted of Murder.  Conviction upheld at Court of Appeal.

R –v- Y
Client acquitted of serious sex offences.

Kingston Crown Court     
R –v- Y x5
Five members of the same family cleared of Conspiracy to commit high value burglaries.

Portsmouth Crown Court
R –v- S
Client only defendant in large scale football violence case to avoid custodial sentence.

R –v- A
Client charged with serious Firearms and related offences.

Southampton Crown Court
R –v- N
Client prosecuted for Robbery and Serious Sexual Offences.  Partner personally commended by Judge.

HMRC –v-  HT
Vietnamese large scale Cannabis Cultivation and Proceeds of Crime

R –v- S
Client acquitted of ‘Rogue Trader’ Fraud allegations.

Cardiff Crown Court
R –v- S
Client charged with serious sexual offences.

Liverpool Crown Court
R –v- H
Client acquitted of large scale drug importation.

Reading Crown Court
R –v- J
Client one of 15 acquitted of Prison Mutiny.

Norwich Crown Court
R –v- D
Client acquitted of people smuggling and Proceeds of Crime allegations.

R –v- Z
Client charged with Burglary.  Hung Jury – Retrial Pending

Lewes Crown Court
R –v- C
Client charged with Conspiracy to commit a serious high value robbery.

R –v- C
Client charged with serious sexual offences.

R –v- T
Client cleared of Arson allegations.

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